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☇ Mercy Dyer | HYDRA AGENT | terrorist [01 Aug 2022|07:27pm]

{ мєяcу 'νσяtєχ' ∂уєя ♣ }

Shall we burn it just like the last time? )

☇ where | who | what ; thread tracking [05 Nov 2021|02:16pm]

this will be the death of me, i'm the queen of apology )

☇ relationships [06 Apr 2018|11:50pm]

the good the bad and the damn right amusing )

☇ marvelesque app [08 Nov 2014|12:12am]
Read more... )

☇ 14; with your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds [03 Jan 2014|07:20pm]
Being your own boss is awesome. I'm a little concerned about the power rush that I'm getting here, but by God is it fun.

I'm pretty sure I just made an interior designer cry.

Kitchen Minions

Okay boys, time for you two to get your butts in gear. We've got keys, we've got power, and I yelled at the plumbers to get that going too. You two can get the kitchen sorted out, I've got the decor on order and we are estimated for the January 31st door opening.

Think you can handle it?

☇ 05; hand in hand we walk on down [29 Oct 2012|10:23pm]
Halloween and I don't have the flu, this is the first time in like four years. GO ME! I blame all the orange juice I've been forced into drinking in my health kick. I need the health kick to end so I can go back to my carbonated caffeine drinks now.

This year, I shall dress up! I've been lacking so recently, and dude, party central. I am so, so, so tempted to just rave it all freakin' week and hit up any party that will let me the fuck in.

I got my grim reaper act down pat!

So, c'mon, who's going where?

Private to Hunt;


Seriously, new assignment, way more jumped up than the last. THEY WANT ME TO WHAT!!!! I can't do that, I am not made for that! I can't even organise my sock drawer never mind someone else's life! Even if it is a cover, how am I meant to maintain that long enough to get the info?



☇ 04; I'm on the edge with you [25 Sep 2012|09:54pm]
How good am I.

Look who's a good little trooper )
It's all healthy and shit too. Steamers are weird to figure out, but very much fun to use I'm in love with kitchen appliances. Mostly the coffee machine. YOU CAN PROGRAM IT TO GO OFF AT A CERTAIN TIME. How epic is that.

I love the smell of fresh ground bodies coffee in the morning.

Private to Aurora;

Hey, um, if you're not up to anything, do you wanna go out somewhere? I'm getting a little bit of cabin fever just now and I'm on limited work since the building exploded a little. Help a girl out?

☇ 03; fingerprinted waiting for the train [12 Sep 2012|05:39pm]
First time officially taking sick leave for actual medical purposes. Wow, I feel so grown up.

Downside is that I'm genuinely stuck in bed. Dealing with it by watching far too much reality television for my health.

Encrypted Message; Grant

We need to step things up. What's your shift schedule like this week?

☇ 02; tv taught me how to feel [07 Sep 2012|05:27pm]
Okay, I'm accepting suggestions;

What to do when the guy that actually takes care of everything gets sick? Like...what's the normal shit that a person needs to do when living with someone?

I don't generally take care of this stuff, although I can shop! Grocery shopping is done! I even got healthy shit.

Additionally, are there any super quick, sure fire cures for flu? Or like...super serious colds? Why is there no cure for the common cold!? Someone get on that, would ya.

☇ 01; there's a snake in my boot [10 Aug 2012|01:22am]
Wanted: 20something female seeking 20something male with anal compulsive tendencies, responsibility out that asshole, slowly developing sense of humour and awesome mamabear instincts for room mate, care taking and general making sure of prolonged life-ness. Anyone not fitting the criteria need not apply.

Taking the day to myself, jet lag kills. It really does, there was a nine car pile up in Iowa because of jet lag. I need coffee, sleep and a smoke. Not in that order.

Jobs can come later.

☇ HYDRA | Informations [10 Aug 2012|12:48am]
HYDRA; a handy guide to your local criminally inclined evil overlord wannabes. )

Art of War | The App [01 Aug 2012|05:39pm]
The Application )

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